Robbie by Ella Frank


You should never judge a book by its cover.
Sometimes what’s inside is more beautiful, and more tragic, than you ever thought possible.

Let me start by saying this—if you’re going to judge any book by its cover, let it be this one. Because Ella Frank’s Robbie (Confessions #1) is as beautiful inside as it is out.

RobbieThough it’s just the beginning of a M/M/M trilogy—the story of Robbie, Julien + Priest—I was, I am, completely and utterly mesmerized by these men. But then again, I’ve been hooked since before I read the first page of Robbie, so good were the sprinkled hints and glimpses of this thing growing between these three men throughout the Temptation series. {To clarify for new readers: this is a standalone that ends with a mild cliffhanger. You’ll most definitely want to read what’s to come, but you don’t have to have read Logan + Tate’s story to devour this one}.

This is one of those books that seems to have it all. Erotic—mmm hmm. Funny—at times. Feel good—yes. Emotional—absolutely. Frustrating—noooo. Sure, the way it ends means the wait for May might be difficult but it’s likely to be well worth it when you consider how remarkably well-written Robbie is.

And oh, it is. It’s unexpected, seeing what’s beneath the surface of The Prick and The Priest, and getting to spend more time with Robbie—charming, flashy and altogether lovable Robbie {who is Olympic skater Adam Rippon IRL, I’m pretty sure}. It’s a light, sexy story built on a darker-than-it-seems foundation; one which hints at more turn-ons, turmoil and more true love to come.

Which, truly, I cannot wait for. I don’t even need to see the cover to be able to judge the next book in this series, because if it’s as good as this one is, I already know I’m going to love it.

 “Regrets only happen when you aren’t brave enough to try something that scares you.”

As of 03.08.2018, Robbie is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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