Broken Miles by Claire Kingsley


broken milesAs you may recall, earlier this year I discovered Claire Kingsley while on my reading-new-to-me-authors journey. When I saw that Ms. Kingsley was kicking off her next series, The Miles Family series, my hand immediately shot up to read Broken Miles.

This second chance romance serves as a reminder that even the strongest love can falter without communication. Roland + Zoe dated, got married young, and moved to the big city so Roland could make something of himself. But somewhere along the way, they lost sight of who and what was important to them, and took different paths. When Roland comes home for a family emergency, he finds that Zoe still holds his heart.

Roland + Zoe both had some growing up to do. Sometimes in life, we have to take a step back before we can go forward. Communication is such an important thing for a relationship to thrive and, until a couple can do that, they are destined to fail. I loved how these two found their way back to one another and learned what it would take to be successful the second time around. In the beginning, I truly didn’t like Roland much, but as he grows and changes—as the story progresses—I can see why Zoe wants to try again and I fell for him, too.

Perhaps my biggest love for this book comes from the awesome Miles family. There are so many stories begging to be told for this group of people. Their witty banter had me chuckling out loud, and the depth of each of these characters left me wanting more. Roland + Zoe gave the series a great start but Cooper, Roland’s brother, completely stole my heart and his story can’t come soon enough!

There is so much to look forward to from the Miles family and I, for one, will be front and center waiting for the next book!

As of 03.13.18, Broken Miles is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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