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Welcome back to the KU Sunday Spotlight, brought to you by KU Book Reviews + the One-Click Addict Support Group. This week, two recommendations because, well, I found that two of my favorite authors had novellas in KU I hadn’t yet experienced. Score not one, but TWO for me . . .

You see, despite the incredible number of books on my Kindle—and available through Kindle Unlimited—there are times when I have trouble finding something to read. {I’m sure I’m not alone in that.} And when that mood strikes, I tend to seek comfort from authors I know and love already, which is how I came to read these books from two different Kindle Worlds.


“I want to see it all. If I’m going to get spanked for being on the naughty list I at least want to stuff a dollar down your pants first.” ~ Snow Place Like Home

Snow PlaceIt’s been a while since I read anything by Jessie Evans {you may also know her as Lili Valente}, and I was almost immediately reminded of why I love her when I opened Snow Place Like Home. And no, not just because of the punny title—though that helped. Within a matter of pages, I was enjoying the quick wit and ready humor that makes Ms. Evans a favorite, not to mention, deeply invested in Hunter + Macy.

Theirs is second chance romance, one that features a Sexy Santa suit, a life-threatening snow storm, first love heartbreak and a rat or two named after a couple of movie stars. It’s a hell of a combination and it works. Snow Place Like Home is a quick, sexy and light-hearted read—a page turner that’s all at once too short and just the right length. Could I read more of this stripper with the heart of gold and the personal trainer that got away? Absolutely—Ms. Evans could spin this into a full length novel and I’d read it without complaint.

But here’s the thing, it’s wonderful exactly as is. It’s low on drama {I mean, aside from the whole life-threatening snow storm thing . . .}, so if you’re looking for an hour or so in a swoony small town, then Hope Falls—and Snow Place Like Home—is a great place to start.


Where I Belong_CCA couple of years ago, I picked up Worth the Fall by Claudia Connor. My heart was stolen and I was hooked immediately by Matt McKinney, the Navy SEAL who met his match on a beach. So, when I saw the description for Ms. Connor’s Where I Belong, I simply had to read it.

After all, Owen + Charlotte meet-cute on a beach, too . . . and I needed to know what would happen.

This was another sweet story from Ms. Connor, who isn’t just gifted at writing love and relationships, though she excels at that. She also has a way of writing families that make me smile. Here, Owen’s family {and Charlotte’s dad} were the icing on this cake of a story—delicious, and able to make me want more.

In fact, that’s just about my only complaint about this one. I couldn’t help but wish for just one more chapter, just a few more pages. The ending came up on me a little quicker than I might have otherwise liked, but that’s only because I was enjoying the way this vacation-romance became so much more.

Because Owen + Charlotte, like Matt and his Abby before them, met on a beach—and stole my heart in the process.

“Love is a lot to lose.” ~ Where I Belong

As of 03.18.2017, Snow Place Like Home and Where I Belong are available with Kindle Unlimited.

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