Cake by Carmen Jenner


. . . something tells me I’d love sharing my life with this woman as much as I love fighting with her. And I really love fighting with her.

I’d say I don’t know where to start when it comes to Carmen Jenner’s Cake, but that’d be a lie. I know exactly where to start—with the equal parts stunning and delicious cover. Guys, it’s so unique and fun and, having now read the book itself, I can safely say that it is also PERFECT for this book.

cake_carmen_jenner_amazon-4-52-14-pmSadly for me, it’s been too long since I read anything by Ms. Jenner. Cake is the first in probably 18 months, yet, from the opening cake-tastrophe, I was instantly reminded of why I was always so excited when she had a new release. Because this book is funny and quirky and oh, my God, so frustrating.

Guys, I HATED these characters so much that I couldn’t help but love them. Leo + Poppy are . . . grr, infuriating and perfect and, IDK, I was torn between smacking them upside their stubborn heads and rising to their defense when the going got tough.

Because it did. Get tough that is. Though this is mostly a light-hearted, oftentimes hilarious and occasionally heart-aching read, there were some tough ‘what would you do?’ moments in there, too. Because sassiness and assholerly can only cover so much . . .

In the end, though I think perhaps I could have used a little more of the softer side of Nass the Ass + Pop Tart—and I’d love to pick apart Ms. Jenner’s brain for some answers—Cake was one of those addictive reads that you KNOW you shouldn’t be enjoying. In the same way you know you shouldn’t enjoy that extra slice cake—it’s just too good not to. Mmm.

“Oh my God, there is seriously something wrong with you.”
“Yeah, it’s called Poppy Porter Is A Giant Pain In My Ass And Yet I Can’t Seem To Stay Away.

As of 03.20.2018, Cake is available with Kindle Unlimited.

For exclusive content—and maybe even a taste of Cake—make sure you head over to Book+Main and follow Carmen Jenner:

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