Then There Was You and My Way Back To You by Claire Contreras


“We can move mountains all day, but as long as we have that cloud above us, we’ll never find enough light to grow.”

then there was youI was thrilled to see that Claire Contreras was coming out with something new—and a duet at that! Then There Was You and My Way Back To You made for an angsty, second chance love story. One that had me feeling all of the emotions.

Tessa + Rowan’s story spans over a number of years. Plenty of time for you to experience their anguish and heartbreak, and be completely frustrated with them and their lack of communication. I loved these characters, but had my moments of wanting to yell and scream at both of them in frustration!

In Then There Was You, Tessa + Rowan start off in high school, their friendship turning into so much more. Unfortunately, the teenage years are hard and so is the heartbreak that can come from your first love. When they do reconnect, you can feel the chemistry between these two. There is so much left unresolved over their years apart, I wasn’t surprised when their heat and passion finally combusted.

As this is a duet, we are left with quite the cliffy at the end of the first book, and I simply couldn’t wait to dig into book two.

my way back to youIn My Way Back To You, we see both Rowan + Tessa growing in their careers and trying to move on. Both think they know what the other one is doing with their life, when the reality is, they don’t know anything about the other! Rowan is doing what he feels is his “family duty”, while Tessa continues to live with the constant heartbreak she feels when she thinks of Rowan.

I felt all of the emotions in this book. The white-hot chemistry between these two, the frustration that Tessa felt with Rowan’s decisions, the soul-sucking regret that secrets and miscommunication can bring—it had it all, and was perfectly crafted in a past/present style of storytelling, with twists that kept me riveted.

Both parts of this duet are out now, so it’s the perfect time to dive into this story. Because you won’t be able to it put down—but you won’t have to, either.

As of 03.27.18, Then There was You and My Way Back To You are both available with Kindle Unlimited.

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