Worth Every Risk by A.M. Hargrove and Terri E. Laine


worth every riskTerri E. Laine and A.M. Hargrove write great books solo, but there is something extra special—something almost magical—when they write together. In Worth Every Risk, that magic shines throughout the whole book.

In 2016, they wrote three novellas that featured the Wilde family. I loved those hot sports romances and was hoping for Chase’s story. He was a professional soccer player who intrigued me in those books but, until I picked up Worth Every Risk, I didn’t realize that this was going to be his story!!! It’s a full length novel and, though you see all of the characters from the Wilde Players, don’t fret—you certainly don’t have to have read those books. For me, it was just an added bonus!

Chase + Andi were best friends in high school when their relationship changed to something more. They hid it from their families as they went to college, and then Chase moved to Italy to play professional soccer. Through the years, they both dated and thought about moving on, but it wasn’t in the cards. There was only one person for each of them—they just needed to find their way back to one another.

Andi + Chase’s story is much deeper than the second chance they hope to find; they have to overcome something so devastating that it can rip people apart. Only the strongest are able to dig deep enough to find the love they share, to get them through something so horrible. Because of that, I felt a real, personal connection to this story. I have a friend who has gone through something very similar to what Chase + Andi face, and the book was written in such a way that I could feel the pain on every page.

I could not put this book down. Chase made me swoon from the very beginning and I knew he was going to sweep me off my feet, and it takes some special writing to not only be swoony and accurate, but also so well written that you live the moments and the heartbreak. Perfect for an emotional weekend read!

As of 03.29.18, Worth Every Risk is available with Kindle Unlimited.

If you want to get bonus content from A.M. Hargrove and Terri E. Laine, you can follow them on Book+Main https://bookandmainbites.com/amhargrove and https://bookandmainbites.com/terrielaine

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