Fresh Catch by Kate Canterbary


fresh catchOne of the things that I’ve come to love most about Kate Canterbary’s books is that I can always count on getting alpha, growly men and a kick-butt story. It might have taken me a little while to get to Fresh Catch, but it was so worth the wait. This M/M story stole my heart.

Cole + Owen are from completely different walks of life. When Cole is literally stranded in Owen’s cove, neither one expects to find what’s been missing in their lives. These two souls, although different, were both searching for a relationship, for someone they could share their life with—even if they didn’t realize it. Though both Owen + Cole were out of the closet, they each avoided relationships for their own reasons, and I could feel their loneliness as they found their way to one other. A burly, sensitive fisherman and an inquisitive tech genius . . . total opposites yet so completely perfect for one another.

Ms. Canterbary does such a great job with creating characters who are strong, yet also vulnerable. Cole + Owen are both such real people and completely relatable. I found myself wanting to hang out on the lobster boat with them, watching Cole fall into the water for the hundredth time, or to hang out on the porch with them, having a drink. Their story is completely heartfelt, and the characters perfectly written.

This book was an epic, sexy love story that swept me away. Cole + Owen’s tale of opposites attracting, and reaching for what you want, is one that I will long hold near and dear to my heart. I love Ms. Canterbary’s books, and I absolutely loved Fresh Catch.

As of 04.19.18, Fresh Catch is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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