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Welcome back to the KU Sunday Spotlight, brought to you by KU Book Reviews + the One-Click Addict Support Group. This week, a Southern Fairytale + a new-to-me author = a book that needs to be on your TBR. Enjoy!


When you’re sure the person in your life is meant to be, time is nothing but an excuse.

There’s something so very rewarding about finding a new-to-you author who catches your attention and wins you over. And that’s exactly what Fabiola Francisco did with All Of You. It’s a warm, winning book—sweet and a little sexy—with heart and a handsome man. What a combination!

all of you ebook (2)Jason + Cassidy Rae really do work together. I enjoyed the balance of their developing relationship—his eagerness, her cautiousness. When it comes to a rock-star-slash-single-mom romance, that touch of reality adds to the atmosphere of the book. In the best way. It also adds to the tension and, especially in the first half of All Of You, that’s needed.

Because this one opens cute and light {not that that’s a bad thing, because it 100% is not}, and just as I got comfortable—just as I thought I knew what was coming—Ms. Francisco dropped a few twists to make sure I didn’t become complacent. It could have been too much, but the way it all came together was, ultimately, pretty close to perfect.

All Of You is my first read by Ms. Francisco, and I was taken by her storytelling from the start. Before the start, even—the blurb sucked me in until I had no choice but to read it. And I’m really glad I did. Not because Jason is pretty much the perfect man, though that helps and is certainly true. Not even because seeing him with Rae was like experiencing 250+ pages of ovary explosions, though again, that’s very true.

No, it’s because this is the type of book I enjoy reading—heartwarming even in sadness, loving but not cheesy. The kind of book that’s just waiting to win you over.

“All of me belongs to all of you, and all of you belongs to all of me.”

As of 05.06.2018, All Of You is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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