Lead Me Home by A.L. Jackson


lead me homeWhen I think of picking up a book by A.L. Jackson, I know I will be reading something angsty, something that will no doubt rip my heart out, then gradually put me back together. And I knew Lead Me Home would be no different.

Ollie is a character who has intrigued me since first I met him in the Fight for Me series. I knew that he had lost his sister and that he blamed himself. Now that it was time to read his story, what I didn’t know was if my heart could take what would be revealed.

Lead Me Home is a second chance love story between Ollie + Nikki, and this heartbreaking story of how they reconnect had me at the edge of my seat. I did NOT want to put it down. They were together secretly fourteen years ago, when Ollie’s sister disappeared. Ever since, Ollie has stayed away. Neither one of them was ever able to move on, however, although they both tried.

Ms. Jackson tells a breathtaking story of a couple who has gone through so much heartbreak, yet are finding their way back to one another. If you are an angst lover, you will love this story. Ollie stole my heart as he loved Nikki and his friends from afar. Being there, but never getting too close because he felt he didn’t deserve the same type of happiness. Nikki tried to be happy, yet she wouldn’t let herself move on from the boy she’d loved all her life. She knew he was hurting and didn’t know how to make that better. I loved her spirit, and how she led Ollie home.

Throughout the series, we have been left wondering what really happened to Ollie’s sister and, in this book, we finally get our answer. In that way—and many others—this book was the perfect wrap-up to a series I have loved reading. These characters are real and are people I have come to know and love. I’d like to think there might be more stories to come from this bunch, but if this is where it ends, I’m so glad I went for the ride. Awesome read!

As of 05.10.18, Lead Me Home is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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