#Starstruck by Sariah Wilson


“I’m allergic to running.”
“Last time I ran, my skin was all flushed, my heart raced, I got sweaty and short of breath. I looked my symptoms up online, and the Internet diagnosed them as an allergic reaction.”

When it comes #Starstuck by Sariah Wilson, I did things a little—actually, a lot—different than normal. Because yesterday I found myself with six hours of driving, which lead to disappointment when said driving cut into my reading time.

Starstruck-Cover-Final-1-683x1024So, taking a lead from my fellow KUBR reviewer, Christine, I decided to find a Kindle Unlimited title that came with audio . . . and I ended smiling, having listened to/read a book that radiated warmth, sweetness and feel-goodness.

#Starstruck is actually a title that struck me when it was first released, so I was thrilled to finally have a good excuse to dive into it. Zoe + Chase’s story is the ultimate celebrity fantasy/fairytale. Fan meets-cute with their favorite actor, sparks fly and voila, happily ever after. And while this book wasn’t quite that simple, it also didn’t get overly bogged down in endless, needless drama.

Of course, it had moments, but none of them were enough—or even close to enough—to lessen my love for these two characters and this story. In fact, I feel like listening to this book softened some of my reactions to those moments {though it didn’t stop me from expressing aloud some of my frustrations in the privacy of my car}, and made me feel like Zoe was telling me her story, making me her friend.

Ultimately, this book is a cute, slow burn romance. It had swoons and feels and quirky moments of humor, and managed turn my disappointment at spending so much time in the car—and then on the couch as I finished the final chapters—into happiness. Not to mention, it left me feeling a little #Starstruck.

“I want to remember the happy times. But all I can remember is when he hurt me. Why is that?”
“Probably because happiness doesn’t leave scars.”

As of 05.15.2018, #Starstruck is available to read and listen with Kindle Unlimited.

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