Simmer by Stephanie Rose


simmerOne of my favorite things about the book world is hearing my friends whisper about upcoming releases and the excitement that buzz creates. I had several friends who’d read Stephanie Rose’s Simmer early and based on their reactions, I knew that Ms. Rose would, without a doubt, deliver a home-run!

With every Stephanie Rose book, I easily fall in love with the hero. There is something so real and authentic about all of her heroes, from their growly, alpha natures to the lay-down-their-life-to-protect-the-ones-they-love impulse they share. I didn’t think she’d top her last hero—in fact, I never think she will—and yet, in Simmer, she went and did it again!

Drew . . . *Sigh* . . . This guy was everything I love in a man, and then some. He completely blew me away with his selfless nature and his love for Sara after only knowing her for a few months. Though younger in age, he was mature beyond his years, and he completely swept me off of my feet.

It takes a special writer to take a character from an earlier book who is a little on the dislikeable side and completely redeem them, but that’s exactly what Ms. Rose did with Sara. Her strength and resilience was front and center as she soldiered through life and took on her greatest challenge . . . leaving her daughter to go back to school to make something of herself, all so they could both have a better life. She’d been dealt so many blows, yet she found strength in her love for her daughter and in wanting to be better for her. Sara might’ve been a damaged character, but she proved time and time again throughout the story that she was also a strong one.

Simmer was a slow-burn story that I could not put down. I loved everything about it. Drew + Sara had me under their spell and I didn’t want the story to end. This book is definitely a must read—you will NOT regret it. I can’t wait to see what Ms. Rose writes next!

As of 05.17.18, Simmer is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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