Crazy, Hot Love by K.L. Grayson


I love a good Dirty Dick . . .

crazy hot loveAre you laughing right now?! I did. I grinned from ear to ear upon seeing the title of KL Grayson’s Dirty Dick series. Crazy, Hot Love is the second—and latest—in the series, and Trevor + Claire will have you swooning!

Who doesn’t love a hot firefighter with a heart of gold? Trevor stole my heart from the beginning of the story and he never gave it back. He fought his feelings for Claire because he knew her rules about falling for a firefighter, but eventually he had to give into them. He promised he would never hurt her and he definitely lives up to his promise!

Claire is Mo’s best friend, who we meet in the first book of the series. Claire lost her father, a fireman, when she was 16. The loss devastated her and she always told herself that she only would be in safe relationships. That didn’t mean she could stop the combustible chemistry she had with Trevor though, and when she finally threw caution to the wind and took a chance with him, I gave an audible sigh . . . they really were perfect for one another.

This story gave me all the feels. I loved meeting the Allen brothers in Crazy, Sexy Love, and I knew that I would fall hard for each and every one of them. I loved that we got to catch up with Mo + Rhett—and the animal shelter which completely captured my heart—from the first book. And I loved how the shelter was, once again, front and center in this story as Claire bonded with her blind dog.

This series has a lot of heart and so much heat! I can’t get enough of the Dirty Dicks! Bring on book three!!!

As of 05.22.18, Crazy, Hot Love is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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