Last Chance to Fall by Kelsey Kingsley


last chance to fallI’ve found another new-to-me author through bedtime stories! When I read the snippet about Sean + Lindsey, posted by Kelsey Kingsley, I knew I HAD to read their story and so, I eagerly jumped into Last Chance to Fall.

I’m always curious when I leap into a series a few books in—will I be lost, or is this truly a standalone book? I am happy to say that I thoroughly enjoyed Last Chance to Fall without having read the other books, and now, I can’t wait to go back and read the earlier stories!

Sean + Lindsey have both been careful with how they live their lives. When they meet, she has just had her heart shattered, and makes an outrageous proposal: for a week, the two of them should throw caution to the wind and really LIVE their lives. What transpires is a truly unique love story.

When I think about throwing caution to the wind, I often think of when I ride my horse. My mind always goes a mile a minute with what COULD happen when I ride—and I’m a cautious rider—but when I really let myself go and push the worries out of my head, I enjoy my ride so much more. I could definitely see Sean + Lindsey opening up their lives to one another as they each let go of their worries and just went along with where life was taking them.

Ms. Kingsley has a great writing style and I really enjoyed this story. I can’t wait to get a chance to head back to the Kinney clan. Last Chance to Fall would be a great poolside read this weekend! Grab it now!

As of 05.31.18, Last Chance to Fall is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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