The Consequence of Revenge by Rachel Van Dyken

RATING: READ IT If you’re a lover of romantic comedy, you need this book. Rachel Van Dyken’s The Consequence of Revenge had me laughing from the very beginning to the very end. Looking at the cover and reading the blurb, I had no idea that this was a romantic comedy, and yet, there were times […]

Running Into Love and Stumbling Into Love by Aurora Rose Reynolds

RATING: READ IT People are always asking for good reads that have free audio with their KU subscription. Well, I recently found a series by Aurora Rose Reynolds about three sisters that I loved listening to/reading. Running Into Love and Stumbling Into Love were lighter reads, and the third book in the series releases in […]

Crazy, Stupid Love by K.L. Grayson

RATING: BUY IT While it wasn’t too long ago that I wrote about the last book in the Dirty Dicks series by KL Grayson, this series is so good that I have to tell you about Crazy, Stupid Love, which is the latest installment. I am all about a damaged hero. They’re some of my […]

The Bombshell Effect by Karla Sorensen

RATING: BUY IT Have you ever loved a series so much that when it ended you were a little sad to see what the author might move onto? I was completely in love with Karla Sorensen’s Bachelors of the Ridge series that I didn’t know if I could move on to her next book. Well…I […]

Tinfoil Heart by Daisy Prescott

RATING: BUY IT He’s more dangerous than I first thought. I’m going to need a tinfoil hat for my heart to protect myself from Boone Santos. Do you happen to remember the TV series Roswell? Because I do—and it’s a large part of why I picked up Daisy Prescott’s Tinfoil Heart. {Another contributing factor: Ms. […]

KU Sunday Spotlight by KUBR + OCA

Happy Sunday and welcome back to the KU Sunday Spotlight, brought to you by KU Book Reviews + the One-Click Addict Support Group. This week, the second book in a erotic and emotional MM series that’s stolen my heart. Enjoy! RATING: BUY IT “What’s not to love? Julien cooks, you worry about the important stuff, […]

Explicit by Ava Harrison

RATING: BUY IT Pierce Lancaster . . . sigh . . . Can I just leave the review at that? From the little bits and pieces I’ve picked up about him in Sordid and Clandestine, I knew that his story was going to be worth waiting for. Ava Harrison definitely delivered an unforgettable story in […]

The Start of Something Good by Jennifer Probst

RATING: BUY IT “I need to kiss you, Mia. Right now, I feel like I’ll fucking die if I don’t kiss you.” There’s a reason that I adore Jennifer Probst—why she is one of my go-to authors—and that reason is on heartfelt, humorous and heated display in The Start of Something Good. I’m not entirely […]

KU Sunday Spotlight by KUBR + OCA

Welcome back to the KU Sunday Spotlight, brought to you by KU Book Reviews + the One-Click Addict Support Group. This week, a sexy AF M/M novella that’s probably going to lead to very little real work done this week . . . Enjoy! RATING: READ IT He couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe, could do nothing […]