The Start of Something Good by Jennifer Probst


“I need to kiss you, Mia. Right now, I feel like I’ll fucking die if I don’t kiss you.”

There’s a reason that I adore Jennifer Probst—why she is one of my go-to authors—and that reason is on heartfelt, humorous and heated display in The Start of Something Good.


I’m not entirely sure I can explain how much I loved this book. It was all the things I love about romance, and about Ms. Probst’s books. Filled with moments that were unexpected, feel good and warming, I devoured the pages of Ethan + Mia’s story, all while wishing it would never end.

I think, of all the multitude of things that made this book one of my favorite reads of 2018 thus far, the thing I loved most was the way the story—and the characters—developed. Enemies-to-lovers isn’t the easiest genre, yet Ms. Probst navigated it with ease, making Ethan + Mia’s snarky, sarcastic banter heavy with chemistry, and leading it into a slow-burn love that was impossible not to root for.

But even more than that, the way the characters matured over the course of the book, and the summer—not just Ethan + Mia, but Chloe {and Phoenix!} too—felt very real. I was taken by the strength they showed, the way they each faced their pasts and their futures, and weighed their choices; it was tense but not overly dramatic, and that lack of OTT drama just made me love this book all the more.

Which was quite the feat, considering I loved it from the very beginning. In fact, you could say that the start of this book was just The Start of Something Good . . . no, GREAT.

For a few precious seconds, the ragged void in his soul took a breath and sighed, once again full.
Because of her.

As of 06.05.2018, The Start of Something Good is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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