Tinfoil Heart by Daisy Prescott


He’s more dangerous than I first thought.
I’m going to need a tinfoil hat for my heart to protect myself from Boone Santos.

Do you happen to remember the TV series Roswell? Because I do—and it’s a large part of why I picked up Daisy Prescott’s Tinfoil Heart. {Another contributing factor: Ms. Prescott’s track record for writing my kind of romance.}


This book is slightly crazy, totally quirky, flirty and fun, and a touch heart-breaking—and though it’s only the slightest bit like Roswell, I loved it. More than the TV show, and let me tell, I watched that show at the height of my teen-girl fandom phase.

Look, I’m not a believer. But I believed in Lucy + Boone, and I believe that romance should be just like this one. Because it’s definitely out of the box, but in some ways, totally believable {the way it wraps up—you’ll have to read and decide for yourself . . .} and in all ways, utterly charming.

The writing is snappy, the characters likably weird—they’re my favorite weirdos—and the cover stunning. I need this one for my shelf, FYI. But I digress.

I could list a whole bunch of positive things about this book, but ultimately, it all boils down to this: love and romance should be extraordinary and a little out there, and Tinfoil Heart is both of those things. And more.

“Why me?”
“Because in all the world, there’s only one of you.”

As of 06.12.2018, Tinfoil Heart is available with Kindle Unlimited.

For exclusive content, be sure to follow Daisy Prescott on Book+Main: https://bookandmainbites.com/daisyprescott

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