The Bombshell Effect by Karla Sorensen


bombshell effectHave you ever loved a series so much that when it ended you were a little sad to see what the author might move onto? I was completely in love with Karla Sorensen’s Bachelors of the Ridge series that I didn’t know if I could move on to her next book. Well…I am completely 100% sold and insanely crazy about her new book The Bombshell Effect. She obliterated any sadness I had over the Bachelors series ending.

Allie + Luke’s story isn’t a typical football romance, although you will get lots of hot men in tight pants, not to worry. Luke isn’t a hot to trot young guy who finds the girl who finally stops him from sleeping around—this is so much more. Their story is a slow burn, single dad, enemies to lovers romance that had me chomping at the bit for them to get together! They had insanely hot chemistry!

I loved how Ms. Sorensen subtly took on the feminism issue in this story. Allie Sutter inherits a NFL football team when her father dies. She is really put through the wringer as the industry does its best to paint her as a pretty face that has no business running a football team.  In a predominantly male industry, Allie more than holds her own. Allie is fierce and is such a great role model for women everywhere! You can do any job you set your mind to!

Luke got under my skin from the beginning. He was insanely protective of his daughter and what she’s exposed to. His first meeting with Allie had me laughing out loud. And then when he discovers who his new boss is—I can just SEE the look on his face! Priceless! I loved that he was a little older and was only looking out for his daughter and wasn’t interested in much else. Falling for Allie completely knocked him off kilter!

This book had some great moments. It was a lighter read with some laugh out loud moments. I loved the writing and the characters. I can already see some spin offs, so I’m hoping Ms. Sorensen plans on more Wolves finding their forever!

Perfect for a day at the pool! Grab The Bombshell Effect for a perfect summer read.

As of 06.14.18, The Bombshell Effect is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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