Crazy, Stupid Love by K.L. Grayson


crazy stupid loveWhile it wasn’t too long ago that I wrote about the last book in the Dirty Dicks series by KL Grayson, this series is so good that I have to tell you about Crazy, Stupid Love, which is the latest installment.

I am all about a damaged hero. They’re some of my favorite heroes, and watching Lincoln heal through this book truly gave me all of the feels. He’s been a protector his whole life and never let anyone get too close . . . until Adley. He’s drawn to her light and her bubbly personality and, before he realizes it, his no-strings hook up has taken on the word relationship . . . and he wouldn’t change it for the world.

Adley Allen is the only girl in a family with four older brothers. She knows that falling for her brother’s best friend could bring all sorts of drama into her life, but she can’t stay away from Lincoln. Adley is fun and caring and a great listener who gets Lincoln to open up about things he has never told anyone but his sister. I loved watching Adley break down Lincoln’s walls.

I truly felt that this was some of KL Grayson’s best writing to date. I loved that I got endless feels from this book. I felt the lighthearted side in some chapters and, in others, the grief and despair. I was completely blind-sided by the tears that fell during one particular scene, which was written perfectly. I experienced the whole scene as though I was watching TV; the ache in my heart so real.

This series continues to be a must read for me. These characters are wonderful and I love the banter between the friends. I loved Mo + Rhett in the first book, but Adley + Lincoln have quickly taken over the #1 spot in my heart! The next book can’t come soon enough! Kick off your week right, and grab your copy of Crazy, Stupid Love.

As of 06.19.18, Crazy, Stupid Love is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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