Royal Rogue by Jessica Peterson


royal rogueFrom the time I read Jessica Peterson’s #bedtimestoryinthekorner earlier this year, I knew that Royal Rogue was going to be a favorite of mine. I couldn’t wait to see where she took Charlie + Jane.

When faced with the hero being a thief, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel, but Ms. Peterson made Charlie one of my favorite book boyfriends! He’s charming and handsome, but all about putting his family first and protecting the ones he loves. He has a vulnerability about him, which I was really drawn to. There were so many things I loved about Charlie, but I hated the predicament that he found himself in. Along with Jane, I fell hard for Charlie.

Jane, although royalty, is the girl next door. She likes to go out for a drink and wants to hang out and talk and watch a movie. She is a real person, who just happens to have a royal title. I loved how involved she was with her charity and that she strived to be a better and stronger person. She wouldn’t let the past define her and Charlie was finally bringing out the person hiding underneath the last few years of heartache and pain.

Charlie + Jane together were hot, yet such a refreshing couple. You forget that Jane is royalty and simply get lost in the relationship that blossomed between them. I’ve loved all of the couples in this series, but Charlie + Jane’s story is particularly special and emotional. There were a few scenes where I was really choked up at what was going on.

Ms. Peterson gets better with every book, and I feel like she has hit her stride with the Flings with Kings series. Royal Rogue is definitely a great book! Grab it for your weekend read!

As of 07.12.18, Royal Rogue is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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