The Fine Art of Faking It by Lucy Score


fine artGoing back to Blue Moon—with all its quirkiness and absurdity—is like coming home. The Fine Art of Faking It by Lucy Score was pure bliss!

Ms. Score has a natural way of writing likable characters with endless heart and soul. The banter, whether it be sexy or witty, is always spot on. I know with the Blue Moon books I’m going to get a lot of both, and I wasn’t disappointed with this latest addition!

The Fine Art of Faking It brings back all of our favorites characters, as well as giving us a great enemies-to-lovers romance with Eden + Davis. I didn’t want to put down this fun story!

Davis had me swooning from the very beginning. He’s always been crazy about Eden, but he never stood up to his parents about what he wanted. When he returns to Blue Moon and ends up staying with Eden at her Inn, he knows he can’t walk away from her again. I loved how he knew that Eden was what was missing from his life and that he was willing to do anything to make her see that. He didn’t give up on her!

Eden was stubborn and let years of hurt feelings fester until revenge was the only thing on her mind. What she never expected was to fall for the man that she had vowed to hate forever. Eden had walls built up so high with Davis that it was hard for her to let him in. In order to love him, she had to completely let go of the past.

I loved going back to Blue Moon and getting to see everyone again. The Beautification Committee is up to its old tricks, and is as funny as ever. I also loved how some newer characters got the spotlight—perhaps as a tell of what’s to come?! I certainly hope so.

This series is light-hearted and fun with some sexy added in. It’s pure enjoyment. Perfect beach read for your weekend! Grab it now!

As of 07.19.18, The Fine Art of Faking It is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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