Second Time Around by Nancy Herkness


“Sometimes the second time around is better because you have a shared history.”

So, this ^ quote ^ perfectly sums up the reason why second chance romance is one of my favorite tropes. And guys, Second Time Around is an awesome addition to the genre.


Nancy Herkness has once again proved why she’s a go-to author for me. I love her billionaires—they’re a balanced mix dreamy fairytale (closing down a restaurant for a date) and grounded kindness (taking the time to name a rescue dog), and they always make me a little swoony.

William Peyton Chase III definitely made me swoony. Possibly more so than any of the Herkness men who’ve come before him. And as for this book . . . well, I can’t say it’s my favorite from this author only because all of the others are so damn good. But it’s up there. WAY up there. Everything about this book was on point—from the way Will + Kyra rekindled their friendship, to the way it grew into more, to the inclusion of the Carver Center and the adorable kids and dogs in their story, and the cameo from a past favorite of mine. Second Time Around was smartly written and not rushed; Ms. Herkness gave her characters voice for their concerns and time to work through them and, in doing so, made them all the more relatable and enjoyable.

Except relatable and enjoyable seem a little run-of-the-mill—albeit true—when it comes to describing this book. Perhaps ‘a feel good, sexy, funny, and unputdownable romance’ would be be a better way to describe a love story that gave me tingly feels and confirmed that seeking out second chance romances—and Nancy Herkness—is an excellent idea. Yes, I think that sounds more apt.

PS—Consider this my formal request for Schuyler to get her own book. I loved her small-but-important role in Will + Kyra’s story and would love to see more of her.

“When I see myself through your eyes, I look very different. I’m going to try to believe in that vision, because I want to be that person for you.”
“You’re already everything for me. I love you.”

As of 07.24.2018, Second Time Around is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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