Forbidden Miles by Claire Kingsley


forbidden milesIs there anything better than falling in love with a family and eagerly awaiting each and every story from said family? I think not, which is how Claire Kinglsey managed to completely captivate me with Forbidden Miles, the second book in the Miles Family series.

My favorite thing about this series so far has been that the books really are about the entire family unit. Yes, each couple gets their story, but their family members also play a large part. There are so many books where the featured couple is the focus and you lose the connection you’ve made with other characters in the series, but Ms. Kingsley does an impeccable job of involving all of our favorite Miles family members in the story.

Cooper Miles and his friend, Chase Reilly, stole my heart in Broken Miles. I’m still anxiously awaiting Coop’s story but watching his best friend Chase fall for Cooper’s little sister was incredibly touching.  Chase and Cooper are the perfect goofy duo, but Forbidden Miles gives us a real look at Chase’s life, just how close he is to the Miles family, and that his past hasn’t been all fun. When looking at losing the love of his life or his best friend—who has been his “brother” for his whole life—Chase has some heart wrenching decisions to make.

Brynn Miles, the baby of the family, has always put up with her brothers and their overbearing ways. She is a smart, strong young woman and, when she falls for Chase, she won’t let her family push her around anymore. She learns to stand tall and fight for what she wants most in life.  She never thought it was possible that Chase would ever look at her as anything but a sister but, from the first kiss, she was head over heels for her brother’s best friend. The chemistry between these two burned up the pages.

Brynn +  Chase’s journey gave me all the feels. I loved watching them grow closer as a couple and watching the Miles family dynamics change. Of course, there were a few times I wanted to punch Cooper to help Brynn + Chase out, but it all worked out.

This is such a well-written and heartfelt series. Definitely a must read for your weekend!

As of 07.26.18, Forbidden Miles is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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