The Contract by Melanie Moreland


the contractThere’s a book that has been on my TBR for two years now—Melanie Moreland’s The Contract. It was a book I was instantly drawn to, but kept waiting on. Recently, however, it went to KU, so I knew this was my chance to grab it. I have now had a full day to try to compose my thoughts into words and I’m still struggling.

When I started reading, I was so repulsed by Richard and what an asshat he was, that I thought “No way can Ms. Moreland redeem this guy.” He was a complete jerk to his assistant and when he had to ask her for a favor, I almost wanted to laugh at him for her! The way he spoke about her and to her was completely reprehensible.

Katy is Richard’s assistant and my first thought on her was, “Where is your backbone?” As I got to know Katy, what she’s been through and why she works as hard as she does, my heart completely broke for her. I did something I don’t normally do—I fell for her! It’s usually the hero that I fall in love with, but before I fell for Richard, I loved Katy and the person she is.  I am getting choked up even now, thinking about her as I write this. She was just a character that I really felt something for and I could really relate to.

As Richard + Katy’s fake relationship evolved, I fell hopelessly in love with Richard as he realized that the best thing in his life was Katy. I have often heard the saying that you can’t pick your family, but you can pick your friends who can become your family. As Richard let himself care about others, and let them care for him, he discovered his family. This was the man I fell in love with. Watching his transformation left me in complete awe of Ms. Moreland and her ability to make me fall in love with a man who I was not a fan of in the beginning, at all.

By the time I’d stayed up into the late hours to finish, I didn’t want the story to end. Katy + Richard have become one of those couples for me that won’t easily be forgotten. Their story is truly about how love can change your whole life.

I hate to admit it but I will often read a book and, after I write the review, I have to really think about the heroine and sometimes the hero’s name. This definitely won’t be the case with Katy + Richard. They have embedded themselves in my heart and I need more of them! Make sure you fall in love with Katy + Richard while they are in KU! Perfect way to start your week.

As of 07.31.18, The Contract is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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