Wild Fury by Lindsay Cross

RATING: BUY IT I’m a huge Lindsay Cross fan. Her military suspense always leaves me begging for more, yet I was excited to see her try something a little different with Wild Fury. This book still has all of the action and the fast-paced storyline that I’ve come to love from Ms. Cross, but it […]

Rescuing Montana by Kate Kinsley

RATING: READ IT I have a desire to protect her from anything and everything. A need to rescue her from her fears. I want to be there for her when she falls, so I can catch her. I’m quite the fan of Kate Kinsley. She can write the hell out of a suspenseful romance—whether it’s […]

KU Sunday Spotlight by KUBR + OCA

Welcome to the KU Sunday Spotlight, brought to you by KU Book Reviews + the 1-Click Addict Support Group. This week, you get a slightly awkward and completely charming hero, a holiday fling, and all the feels in my Buy It review. Enjoy! RATING: BUY IT  Deacon Montgomery: savior of animals, fearful of public speaking, […]

Force of Nature by Melissa Toppen

RATING: BUY IT An author who is relatively new to me but quickly becoming a one-click author is Melissa Toppen.  I picked up Force of Nature on a Sunday evening, thinking I’d get a couple of chapters in, and the next thing I knew I was holed up in my room late at night because […]

Going Down by Beth Michele

RATING: BUY IT “Let me put it to you this way. I don’t like to take without asking. So this is me—asking.” Let me put it this way: I’ve known for a while now that Beth Michele is an incredibly talented author. And her new release, Going Down, is a perfect example of why. It […]

KU Sunday Spotlight by KUBR + OCA

Welcome back to the KU Sunday Spotlight, brought to you by KU Book Reviews + the 1-Click Addict Support Group. This week, I confess my love for not one, not two, but THREE men in the latest book from Ella Frank. As always, enjoy! RATING: BUY IT “Don’t ever stop thinking of me in a […]

The Gaia Chronicles by Grace White

RATING: READ IT Today I’m writing about something a little out of the norm for me. I don’t read a lot of paranormal romance but I love L.A. Cotton and, when I heard she was writing paranormal under Grace White, I knew I had to try it. The Gaia Chronicles also called to me since […]