Damaged Series by H.M. Ward


damaged 1Are you a person who loves soap operas? With all of the twists and turns that H.M. Ward’s books take, that is what I relate them to. I’m focusing on the Damaged series here, but if you’ve read H.M. Ward before, then you’ll know that her series are all interconnected, which makes for such a fabulous experience!

I want to talk about Peter + Sydney’s story in the Damaged series. Their story unfolds over three books {although you will see them through many of the other books as well, these are their books}. I am not a person who usually reads things out of order, but I happened upon Damaged 1 before any of Ms. Ward’s other books.

damaged 2I was completely captivated by Peter. When he + Sydney meet, I knew that there was so much more to him than the quiet professor he was showing Sydney. The chance meeting that brought them together became a forbidden romance that ignited the pages.

They’re both damaged characters, and they have an incredible journey together, fighting each other’s demons. I loved Sydney’s strong character and Peter’s quiet protector side. These two completely stole my heart in this page-turner of a series. When Ms. Ward announced she was releasing the third book for these two, my heart soared! I longed to see Peter + Sydney get a happily ever after!

damaged 3Ms. Ward does such an amazing job with the intensity of the characters and their story, but it’s refreshing how she throws in things that will make you laugh out loud, like Mr. Turkey, who becomes Sydney’s pet—much to Peter’s dismay. It’s worked in perfectly and always throws a smile on my face when he steals the show!

If you haven’t read H.M. Ward yet, I strongly encourage you to dig in while she has her whole collection in KU. These books will have your heart racing and your palms sweating. The stories have many twists and turns, but all of them are so well told. The reading order is very unique since the series often intertwine, so pick a starting point and spend your weekend curled up with the Ferros!

As of 08.02.18, The Damaged series is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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