Burning Up by Jennifer Blackwood


burning upReady for a hot fireman? Burning Up was my first Jennifer Blackwood book and I really enjoyed it. First off, the cover—is there anything hotter than a firefighter all sweaty? I was instantly drawn in!

Erin is the little sister of Jake’s best friend, and a girl he has known her whole life. She’s back in town for the summer as she decides what is next in her life, having gone through some tough changes at work. When Erin arrives home, she never expected fireworks to erupt with Jake Bennett—her brother’s best friend, and the boy who has been her life-long crush.

Jake is a single dad who’s had his heart trampled. He is really guarded about who he lets into his life. We got to see two sides of Jake: the man whose chemistry with Erin was off the charts; and the dad who wanted to push all women into a box and not actually let them into his life. It was refreshing to watch Erin break down those walls and show Jake just what he was missing in his life.

Erin had been away from home for a long time. Her mom always had smothered her, so she preferred to keep her distance, yet her family is different than when she left all those years ago, and it forces Erin to do a lot of soul searching. She herself grows up in this story as she realizes what she truly wants.

Burning Up had some light humor in it, which I really enjoyed. Erin + Jake had quite a first outing together and that really had me laughing. Their story was a good one, and I’m looking forward to more books in the Flirting with Fire series.

As of 08.09.18, Burning Up is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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