Chaotic Love Duet by Claudia Burgoa


begin with youTo kick off this week, I have the Chaotic Love duet by Claudia Burgoa to talk about.

This duet will leave you with your mouth hanging open at the end of Begin With You, but luckily Back To You is already live so, unlike me, you won’t live in agony wondering what is going to happen.

This story had a little of everything. It was a fantastic friends-to-lovers story, tangled with a lot of darkness that the characters had to find their way through before they could truly find their happily ever after. It was also a delicious slow burn love story with lots of heartbreak.

back to youAbby + Wes were both damaged from their childhood. The broken adults they became stemmed from their desire to be who they thought others wanted them to be. These two, although perfect for each other, had so much growing to do apart before they could find their way together.

Abby had a dark past, which may be a trigger for some people.  My heart broke for her time and time again as she fought to find herself and what that meant to her and nobody else. She was such a strong heroine, and truly was one who fought to get her life back.

I looked at Wes through most of book one as the perfect guy. But even those we see as perfect have flaws. Wes also fought hard to get himself to a place where he could love Abby and finally make her his. It made me love him so much more when I saw how truly human he was as he battled his demons.

This duet brought up so many feelings. I definitely got tears a couple of times as I prayed that these two would find their way back to each other. The Chaotic Love duet was a great read!

As of 08.14.18, Begin With You and Back To You are available with Kindle Unlimited.

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