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Welcome back to the KU Sunday Spotlight, brought to you by KU Book Reviews + the 1-Click Addict Support Group. This week, I confess my love for not one, not two, but THREE men in the latest book from Ella Frank. As always, enjoy!


“Don’t ever stop thinking of me in a way that makes your eyes this sure.”

If I am sure about one thing, it’s that Ella Frank’s Confessions series has been one of the highlights of my 2018. And the latest, Priest, has most definitely highlighted why I am so in love with these men… {Hint: it’s the fact that they’re a fantasy drawn in 3D and come to life in the pages of a really, really sexy book.}


In a way, it feels a little like Priest is a book in two parts—the gently tense first part, where we pick up the ending of Julien {NB: my review of Julien is here} and watch as Priest, Julien + Robbie work though the news that rocked their fledgling relationship; and the heart-racing second part, which had me swiping pages so fast I nearly pulled a muscle. In my finger.

For real, guys, I just needed to know what was going to happen—and if my boys would be okay.

As always, Ms. Frank writes an erotic yet heartfelt story. It’s thigh-clenchingly HOT but it’s also the story of three men finding and loving one another—for who they are, not what or where they’ve been—that makes Priest so much more than just an erotic romance. The caring makes the sex scenes sexier, the sweet scenes sweeter and the suspenseful scenes… well, you’ll see when you read this book.

Or, if you’re new to this series, these books. I could probably talk about them all the long day, but instead, I’m going to urge you—strongly urge you—to grab yourself a copy of book one, Robbie {NB: my Robbie review is here}, and get started. By the time your heart recovers from these first three books, you’ll almost be ready for the unexpected—but OMG-so-exciting-that-we-get-more—fourth book that’s yet to come.

Or, at least, as ready as one can be when they’re waiting for answers… and happily ever after.

“I never had a choice with you. But even if I did, I still would’ve chosen you.”

As of 08.09.2018, Priest, Julien and Robbie are available with Kindle Unlimited.

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