Force of Nature by Melissa Toppen


force of natureAn author who is relatively new to me but quickly becoming a one-click author is Melissa Toppen.  I picked up Force of Nature on a Sunday evening, thinking I’d get a couple of chapters in, and the next thing I knew I was holed up in my room late at night because I HAD to know how this story would end.

Thad + Laken broke my heart chapter after chapter. This was a story that I truly didn’t know if it would end the way I wanted it to. I’m a sucker for a HEA and will avoid books that don’t give me that. At one point, I was so close to the end I had to do some searching to see if this was a duet, but alas it is not. I was riveted to the pages as Thad + Laken broke my heart and, after some crying, thankfully {eventually} repaired it.

Thad had a rough past and, because of that, he doesn’t think he deserves Laken. But he can’t quite let her go either. When he finally gave into his desire for Laken, my heart raced as their chemistry burned up the pages. Then he broke my heart time and time again, and I truly sobbed for this man who lost everything because he couldn’t forget his past. I was his number one cheerleader once he figured out how to get everything in life he wanted and deserved.

Laken was a breath of fresh air. When she comes home she’s waiting for her big Hollywood break, but she banters with her brothers and helps out around the farm. Staying in her hometown was never her dream but, from the moment she laid eyes on Thad after many years, she felt a connection she had never felt before.  For the first time, Laken’s dream may be a person instead of her career. I loved watching her figure this out.

This story was a heartbreaker for me and I shed a lot of tears. Those are always the stories that stick with me though. Force of Nature should definitely be on your weekend read list!

As of 08.23.18, Force of Nature is available with Kindle Unlimited

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