Rescuing Montana by Kate Kinsley


I have a desire to protect her from anything and everything.
A need to rescue her from her fears.
I want to be there for her when she falls, so I can catch her.

I’m quite the fan of Kate Kinsley. She can write the hell out of a suspenseful romance—whether it’s sweet, sexy, or sweet and sexy—which is why I didn’t hesitate to grab Rescuing Montana. As always, I was very glad I did.

Rescuing Montana

This one falls on the sweeter side of sexy, and is an immensely engaging and wholly enjoyable read. Ryan + Abby both have pasts to overcome {whoa, that prologue, BTW}, and the way they do it, together, while falling in love is just . . . *sigh*. And that’s not even taking into account all the *sigh* that makes up Ryan Kane. A former SEAL, he’s a yummy protective Alpha, a dream book boyfriend and the kind of capable that’s matched only by Abby’s determination to do the right thing by herself and, more importantly, by her daughter.

Selfishly, I would have loved to see more of Ryan + Abby’s time together around Abby’s Montana ranch, but I appreciated the way Ms. Kinsley moved their story forward while still giving me feels upon feels. To that end, Rescuing Montana is a quick read—a one-sitting one, to boot, because once you start, you won’t want to stop—with a ton of swoony moments {anything to do with Ryan and Avery, Abby’s little girl} and an ending that left me wanting more.

Which is usually the case when it comes to this author—after all, I am *quite* the fan of hers!

He’s been in front of me the entire time, and I didn’t see it.
Didn’t see I was falling in love with him.

As of 08.28.2018, Rescuing Montana is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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