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Welcome back to the KU Sunday Spotlight, brought to you by KU Book Reviews + the 1-Click Addict Support Group. This week, a new-to-me author, a swoony baseball star and an awkwardly adorable meet-cute. As always, enjoy!


I’m going to have cereal with Brody Jensen for our first date.
It’s not normal.
It’s not conventional.
But it’s absolutely perfect.

Squeeze Play

I knew from the moment Hayley Carter met-cute with Brody Jensen that I’d made the right choice in selecting Aven Ellis’ Squeeze Play. I’d been hunting around the KU catalogues on Amazon, trying to find something light, feel good, funny and cute, when the cover caught my eye, and yep, I’m happy to report that this book was all of the things I was searching for.

Let’s start simply, shall we? I. Couldn’t. Stop. Smiling. For real, I’d catch myself grinning every few pages, like when Brody would say something swoony and sweet, or when Hayley would reveal the depth of her appliance addiction. Because, you guys, Hayley + Brody are adorable together.

They’re a match on multiple levels—some of those levels being the kind of quirky that works just so in a rom-com—and they’re both so endearing, it’s impossible not to root for them. Ms. Ellis, a new-to-me author, writes with personality, her style making Squeeze Play read almost like a story told in conversation, and that personality is at its best when Hayley + Brody are bantering and flirting and just generally being too cute for words.

Not that it doesn’t shine at other times, too. Like in Hayley’s friendships with Katie and Addison, or in the little insecurities that are all-too-relatable, or in the family dynamics that fuel much of the story. For the most part, though, Squeeze Play is all about the “too cute for words” thing that Hayley + Brody share. It makes for a low-angst read, one that entices you to read the next chapter and the next chapter and the next chapter, until you’re at the ending and wondering . . . how much longer until Katie + A.J.?

“Because of you, I want this. I like the feelings I have when I’m with you.”

As of 09.02.2018, Squeeze Play is available with Kindle Unlimited.

For bonus content, deleted scenes and a taste of what’s to come, make sure you’re following Aven Ellis on Book+Main: https://bookandmainbites.com/AvenEllis

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