Small Town Rumors by Carolyn Brown


On a slow day, gossip hung over the town like smoke in an old western honky-tonk. On a good day, in the opinion of the community, it obliterated the sun.

Over the years, I’ve read many a book by Carolyn Brown. I keep come back for more, because I love her small town romances—filled as they are with tradition, quirkiness and sweetness. They always leave me feeling good and smiling, and Small Town Rumors is no exception.

Small Town Rumors

Jennie Sue Baker arrives back in town after the end of a disappointing marriage and personal heartbreak, and from the outset, she was a character I could get behind. Her no-nonsense approach to putting her life back together was refreshing—her strength was obvious but didn’t overwhelm her otherwise kind personality—and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing her find her footing—and new friendships—in Bloom.

Bloom, Texas, is home to gossip-mongers and a {very} healthy rumor mill. Using it as the backdrop, Ms. Brown weaved a delightful story which showed that news—real, imagined or a combination thereof—is the main currency in a sleepy town where everyone is in everyone else’s business. The characters we meet all come together to make Small Town Rumors that much more enjoyable; they’re {almost} all of them likable and vital to Jennie Sue’s success in embracing her own future.

None of them more so than Rick Lawson. He’s a disabled vet-slash-simple farmer, and just the right balance for Jennie Sue. As the rumors abound, Jennie Sue + Rick find comfort in friendship, and I loved seeing them discover that in one another. It swells into a slow-burn—and clean—romance, with chemistry that’s both steamy and sweet. And, when coupled with Jennie Sue’s growing relationships with some of Bloom’s quirkiest residents, it also serves as a reminder that love comes in all forms and can be found in all places and people.

Just like books can come in all forms. Like this one. Small Town Rumors might not be quick and dirty, or angst-filled, or over-the-top hilarious, but it is relaxing and uplifting—and, with a few tears, a few laughs and a heart happy ending, it’s just the type of small town romance I’ve come to expect after years as a Carolyn Brown reader.

Do what makes you happy, and tell the rest of the world to go to hell. Life is short. Live it the way you want to.

As of 09.18.2018, Small Town Rumors is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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