Waiting for Sunrise by Maryann Jordan


waiting for sunriseI’m a huge fan of Maryann Jordan. I truly love each and every one of her romantic suspense books. She’s grown so much as a writer and that’s evident in her latest release, Waiting for Sunrise.

Ms. Jordan is great at writing an alpha male who rescues the damsel in distress—although the damsel always rescues him right back. In this book, I felt like Ms. Jordan really nailed the emotional turmoil for Hunter and what he went through as he fell hard for Belle. He’s a dark and brooding character—who I was completely captivated by—and the twist his story took totally threw me for a loop.

Belle was one of these heroines I absolutely love, the kind that stay with me long after I finish a book. She’d lived a rough life, but that didn’t define who she was. She still managed to find the good in people and she loved to live life. She may not have had a million dollars, but she was grateful to have what she did have. She’s the kind of character who can bring on deep emotion, and tears to my eyes, as I live her story.

Hunter + Belle’s story has been my favorite in the Baytown Boys series thus far. I loved these characters and my heart broke with them. If you are a fan of small town romance and romantic suspense, you don’t want to let this one pass you buy. Perfect fall weekend read!

As of 09.20.18, Waiting for Sunrise is available with Kindle Unlimited.

If you want to get bonus content from Maryann Jordan, you can follow her on Book+Main https://bookandmainbites.com/maryannjordan

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