KU Sunday Spotlight by KUBR + OCA

Welcome back to the KU Sunday Spotlight, brought to you by KU Book Reviews + the 1-Click Addict Support Group. This week, a strictly sexy book that, in my professional opinion, you need to read immediately . . . Enjoy!


“You look like the kind of woman who would cut a man’s heart out. Willingly. Maybe feed it to him in a creative twist.”

God, where to even start with this book?

It. Is. Pure. Perfection.


Kathryn Nolan’s Strictly Professional is, in my professional opinion, a book that needs to be placed right at the tippy-top of your TBR. Because it is everything, you guys. Everything.

Edward + Roxy are a classic case of opposites attracting . . . or are they? I loved just how incredibly layered these two characters were; what they present to the world is just the beginning of all that makes them so perfect together. Ms. Nolan revealed the real Edward + Roxy to one another—and to me, the reader—with delicate and skillful care, unraveling and uncovering them until it seemed impossible that this couple end up anywhere but in each other’s arms.

Along the way, she also threw them into some desperately sexy situations. Like, melt-your-Kindle-mount-your-husband-crank-the-AC hot trysts that ultimately proved—yet again—how right this pairing was.

It’s not all smooth sailing, of course. How could it be? But, despite my roiling emotions {and the occasional rather-vocal outburst}, my heart remained safe in Ms. Nolan’s capable hands. Because, even as the characters made seemingly inevitable mistakes, those same characters stayed so true to themselves, to their journeys.

And that’s what made this book so damn perfect. There’s growth and back-stepping and very real, messy human emotion—all wrapped up in a strictly sensational package.

From the very first moment we touched, we were like two planets, exploding in the atmosphere—violent bursts of light and a furious volley of sharp movements.

As of 09.23.2018, Strictly Professional is available with Kindle Unlimited.

Make sure you’re following Kathryn Nolan on Book+Main to get a taste of Edward + Roxy: https://bookandmainbites.com/kathrynnolan

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