Southern Charmer by Jessica Peterson


southern charmerFor those authors that wonder if takeovers work, I’d like to confirm that yes, they do. I met Jessica Peterson through a Facebook takeover and couldn’t wait to dive into the book I got from her. Ours was an instant love affair and with every book she gets better and better. Southern Charmer is sure to skyrocket her up the ranks!

Olivia + Eli’s story is a slow burn love story that will have you falling in love with both of them as well as Charleston, which was, to me, another character in this story. From the moment we met Eli, the hot, shirtless chef, I was swooning. There was nothing about this man that didn’t scream perfect book boyfriend. I fell in love with his passion for cooking and I loved that he wasn’t afraid to dig into a steamy romance novel. How hot is that? But, just like us all, Eli was a little broken and although he was near perfection, he needed to face his demons in order to have a future with Olivia.

Olivia intrigued me. I loved that this woman left a life that was perfect on paper to come to Charleston to write. She needed to explore another side of herself before she gave herself over to the man who she could marry but didn’t really feel passion for. He was just part of her perfect-on-paper life. There aren’t many people that would take the leap to find out if there was something else out there for them, myself included. I wish I could find the strength that Olivia possessed to see what else this world might have to offer. Olivia not only found her passion in writing, but her journey also brought Eli into her life. These two completed each other in a way that neither of them expected.

Southern Charmer was magic in a perfect setting that added so much to the story. I could really feel the love between these two and the struggles they both faced. Like I said, Ms. Peterson gets better with each and every release, and I can’t wait for the next book in this series!

As of 10.11.18, Southern Charmer is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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