Promise Me You by Marina Adair


“We’re still feeling each other out, seeing how we fit.”
“What if we don’t fit anymore?” she whispered.
“What if we fit better than before?”

Promise Me YouWhen a book can make you ache, from the first page to the last, then you know it’s a good one. Promise Me You by Marina Adair was just such a story for me.

I’ve read and enjoyed several of Ms. Adair’s books, and she’s an author I look for when searching for something to read. Her style—feels laced with humor and heart—is one I can count on to keep me engaged, and Hunter + Mackenzie’s story was a wonderful example of that.

It’s a second chance-slash-friends-to-lovers romance, and nothing like I expected. You see, there’s a something about Mackenzie we don’t know . . . and it makes this book all the more interesting and unique. I’ll admit I’m left with a couple of unanswered questions, but when a book can keep a smile on my face from start to finish—while my emotions are simmering and my eyes just this side of watering, to boot—I can easily forgive that.

Especially if we see more of this couple in future books from this author. I’ll definitely be on the lookout!

“I’ve spent most of my life looking back. When I’m with you, all I want to do is move forward.”

As of 10.30.2018, Promise Me You is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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