Illusion Series by D. Kelly


just an illusionaI have been waiting a long time to post this review. I kept hoping that D. Kelly would put her Illusion Series in KU and now the first three books, Just an Illusion – Side A, Just an Illusion – The B Side and Just an Illusion – EP, have been added!

These books were at the top of my ‘Best Reads’ list for 2017. They held my attention like no other and completely gutted me. You are lucky that you can read all three at a time and not have the anxiety of waiting to see what happens, because the months between books was painful!

just an illusionbI’m not going to lie, I first picked up Side A thinking it was a ménage story. I quickly found out how wrong I was and was sucked into the triangle that was Amelia, Noah + Sawyer. This is not a cheating story, but one full of emotion and reminiscent of the choices we all have to make in life. The relationships were solid and the characters so well developed. I fell in love with each and every one of them, and lived through their hell and their joy. This trilogy completely embedded itself in my heart and I will always want more from this world.

just an illusion epFair warning, you will cry during these books. This is the most I have ever cried while reading. I cried from the beginning until the end of the third book. This story is raw and invokes strong emotions. It will live on in my heart like no other. You need to read this while it’s in KU! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

As of 11.01.18, the Illusion Series is available with Kindle Unlimited (Books 1-3).

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