The Princess, The Prick & The Priest by Ella Frank


“We’d been looking for you. Once we found you, this was only a matter of time.”

PPP_ConfessionsOne of the joys of my reading year has been Ella Frank’s Confessions series, and it comes to a marvelous conclusion in The Princess, The Prick & The Priest.

Seriously. I’m still thinking it over, and it’s been hours since I finished it.

You guys, I am SO obsessed with these three men and their unique and sexy spin on love. This book was a treat—an easy and enjoyable and emotional reward for those of us who’ve been with Robbie, Julien + Priest since the start.

It was also everything I could’ve possibly wanted {and more}, so even though I’m loathe to say goodbye to these men and this series, I’m absolutely doing it with a smile on my face.

PS That cover is 🔥🔥🔥

“You’re awake early. Couldn’t sleep?”
“I could… I just found that I liked what was here better than anything in my dreams.”

As of 11.13.2018, The Princess, The Prick & The Priest and the entire Confessions series are available with Kindle Unlimited.

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