The Wish Collector by Mia Sheridan


“Because where there was love, there was always hope.”The Wish Collector

Breathtaking, soul shaking, and beautiful are just a few words to describe The Wish Collector. God, Mia Sheridan has done it again, delivering a timeless novel that had me wrapping my arms around myself while my heart was in my stomach.

Clara Campbell, a ballerina who recently relocated to New Orleans to join a dance company, is lost and alone. After hearing the legend of a tragic tale of long ago, Clara travels to visit the weeping wall at Windisle Plantation. Mystified by the story and those who lived behind the wall, she’s told it’s where wishes are granted, and she’s drawn to this landmark. To her surprise, she meets the man behind the wall and the pair form an unlikely friendship.

Jonah Chamberlain is a lost soul with a dark past. He was once a successful attorney who turned heads and broke hearts wherever he went. After choosing a road that altered his life, he leaves it all behind to hide in the darkness.

“I’m the monster behind the wall, Clara. That’s what I am.”

Mia Sheridan creates a magical romance that transports you into another time and place. Two love stories seamlessly intertwined that will leave you breathless. I was lost in the beauty of her words, as I always am, and didn’t want it to end. Lyrical prose with the most powerful love, your heart will soar.

Mysterious, suspenseful, romantic, and spellbinding—you’re going to want to join Jonah + Clara on their incredible journey.

“… you don’t have to wait for the darkness to come outside. You can love in the light.”

As of 12.6.18, The Wish Collector is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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