All of Me by A.L. Jackson


all of meI’ve been in a bit of a reading slump of late, but one author who I know will always pull me out is A.L. Jackson. She held me riveted all the way through All Of Me.

Grace + Ian’s story of two broken souls sucked me in from page one. We met Ian in More Of You, so I knew his story was going to shatter my heart, then piece it together again. Ian was so broken and couldn’t think of himself as someone who deserves happiness, much less love. He fought his feelings for Grace every step of the way.

Grace is one of those characters that your heart bleeds for. A mother, who is doing everything she can to protect her children from someone who should be their protector. She is selfless and has a huge heart, and I cried for her and the strength that she had to live her life. She was such a strong heroine and I loved watching her and Ian heal one another.

This story held my attention, which hasn’t been easy to do lately. I fell in love with these characters and lived their emotions with them. Ms. Jackson truly has a gift with her stories and I always look forward to getting lost in her worlds. All Of Me is another amazing story from her. Pick this one up today!

As of 12.11.18, All of Me is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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