Untouchable by Sam Mariano


UntouchableWhat the ever-loving dark hole did I just come out of?? Holy crap… Untouchable by Sam Mariano was one dark, crazy ride. I feel like I need to go to confession because I just fell for the world’s biggest bully! He should have a sign over his head in neon lights flashing DANGER…

“If you’re looking for Prince Charming and I’m your best shot, you’re truly in a dire situation.”

Untouchable comes with a big ass warning and I promise you, you’re gonna want to take it seriously because this book was all sorts of messed-up—in the best way possible. If you love assholes in books, those crazy dominating male book boyfriends, then this is the book for you! Carter is the devil disguised as a hot-as-f*ck bastard 😜.

Zoey Ellis is a good girl. A bookworm, church-going senior who just wants to get the hell out of school and move far away from her football loving town. She unwittingly gains the attention of the school’s star quarterback… and that’s when all hell breaks loose.

Carter Mahoney is the star player. Complete with good looks that will melt your panties, he has a reputation for getting whatever he wants, whenever he wants it. And he wants Zoey whether she agrees to it or not.

“I spend every day of my life with people who like the look of a mask I wear, Zoey. You’re the only person who likes what’s underneath better.”

Zoey + Carter. Wow, the heat level was through the roof and holy bejeezus, wrong, but oh so right.

“I just like seeing you helpless and scared. It gets me hard. Want to feel?”

Yes, as a matter of fact I do!! Untouchable is dark. Really dark. And I devoured it. Ms. Mariano is another new-to-me author and you can guarantee I’ll be reading all her other books!!

As of 1.1.19, Untouchable is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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