Brant’s Return by Mia Sheridan

Such small measurements of time. But powerful enough to change everything vast enough to unravel an entire life.”

Mia Sheridan—what have you done to me?! My heart is bursting both with love and pain after reading Brant’s Return. What a journey!

Every time I finish one of Ms. Sheridan’s novels, I feel as if I traveled the journey alongside her characters. Upon reading the last page, I’m both sad that it’s over, yet grateful to hold her words in my head and heart.

God, these characters. Isabelle Farris has faced so much heartbreak, trying to survive this crazy thing we call life. She’s lost so much, yet appreciates her work at Graystone Hill, where she’s able to lose herself in working for Harrison Talbot and his beloved horses.

Brant Talbot is on cloud nine in New York—known for his fierce business sense and his very large bank account. Every bar he owns turns to gold. Women want him and men want to be him. Estranged from his father Harrison, he’s left the memories of his past behind him.

That all changes with one phone call. Isabelle reaches out to Brant, hoping she can convince him to mend fences with his father. When the pair meet, it’s a rocky start, yet you can’t help but feel the magnetic sparks between them.

I won’t give anything else away. In typical Mia fashion, you will shed tears, fall completely in love with her words and with the love that she creates. Just beautiful.

“Find the bravery to love without limits. “

My heart is full and I’ll be adding Brant’s Return to my favorites shelf, right alongside Ms. Sheridan’s other breathtaking novels.

As of 1.7.19, Brant’s Return is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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