A Girl Like Lilac by Victoria L. James


A Girl Like LilacMy heart hurts. Damn, what an emotional journey. Victoria L. James delivered a story that put me through the ringer, but in a good way.

A Girl Like Lilac begins with Lilac + Toby, who live next to each other. She’s the girl with the magical smile along with a love for life that Toby is drawn to. Toby doesn’t have it easy, but the moments he shares with Lilac fill his life with color and sunshine.

What starts off as friendship soon turns to young love—the all-consuming kind where your heart feels as though it will burst and your love becomes the life you breathe.

“Love makes every colour look as bright as these petals, and no matter how many amazing pictures you take of it, nothing, not one single photograph, will ever be able to capture it better than how it feels to be standing right in the middle of it.”

I couldn’t put it down. I cried, I felt their pain and heartache.

The writing is pure brilliance, and you will FEEL every emotion. It’s worth every tear, every ounce of pain twisting in your stomach as you travel along with Toby + Lilac as they navigate their way through life.

Ms. James is an incredible storyteller. Her writing is top notch—beautiful and poetic. A must-read author for me. A Girl Like Lilac captured my heart and it’s a story that I won’t forget.

“All superheroes start out as ordinary people. They just feel better saving others than they do saving themselves.”

As of 2.7.19, A Girl Like Lilac is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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