Lust (The Elite Seven #1) by Ker Dukey


LustHoly God, Jesus, and all the Saints. Talk about starting a series off with a bang!! I just devoured Lust by Ker Dukey, the first book in the Elite Seven series.

Rhett Masters is determined to do whatever it takes to become a member of the Elite Seven secret society that guarantees wealth, power, privilege and brotherhood among its members. Each member must complete a task as part of their initiation, and Rhett’s is no easy feat.

He endured a horrific tragedy in his life and is desperate to escape the demons that lurk in his head. Then, Chastity Griffin crashes into his world and she’s everything he didn’t know he needed.

“Lust is a violent desire, destructive and uncontrollable. If you let the sensation take root, you become captive to its power, until you’re waking up in the wreckage of its path.

… I would still take lust over love every fucking time.

Fuck love.

It’s more damaging to the soul than anything else in the world.”

We meet each of the Elite Seven members, and holy WOW, I’m dying for their stories. Mystery, intrigue, and suspense—along with some sexy times—had me awake way past my bedtime. I’m already anxiously awaiting Pride, as well as the rest of the novels based off of the seven deadly sins. I’m hooked!!!

As of 2.19.19, Lust is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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