Think Twice by Stephanie Rose


think twiceA big THANK YOU to Stephanie Rose for giving me a book that really allowed me to feel again! It seems like a lot of the books I’ve read recently I haven’t completely connected to and, while I’ve enjoyed the stories, nothing really makes me feel. Think Twice completely changed that!

Ms. Rose does an amazing job with giving us not one great love story, but two. Jack and PJ are siblings (by a couple from a previous Stephanie Rose book—that I loved3though this book can be read standalone), and we get to watch both of them fall head over heels in love. Ms. Rose does a great job of intertwining their stories throughout and yet telling complete love stories for both couples.

Jack + Danielle’s story really gave me all of the feels. Jack has had an accident that could change his life forever and Danielle is helping him to reclaim that life. She never expects that in return he would do the same for her. They are both damaged souls who find the love of their life while going through a dark time. I loved that Danielle also happened to be the little sister of one of Jack’s friends from childhood, which was a great way to pair it with PJ + Dylan’s story.

PJ is Jack’s little sister and Dylan is Jack’s best friend. You can see where this is going already. These two had so much chemistry—it oozed off of the pages, and you have to wonder how they stayed apart for so long. I loved how Dylan put PJ first always, even when it meant he could lose everything. The age difference between these two was also very interesting to me, since I am ten years younger than my husband. Their story really spoke to me.

These two couples had me feeling so many emotions. I love how Ms. Rose writes within the same world in so many of her books—it always feels like coming home. My return home this time was filled with love and warm fuzzies and for that I thank you, Stephanie.

Pick this one up, you will love it.

As of 02.24.19, Think Twice is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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