Crazy, Beautiful Love by K.L. Grayson

RATING: BUY IT I am so excited to say that the next Dirty Dicks book is here! KL Grayson’s Crazy, Beautiful Love in all its glory! This series has quickly become a favorite of mine, what with the tight knit group of friends and family in the books. I always get to see old friends […]

A Girl Like Lilac by Victoria L. James

RATING: BUY IT My heart hurts. Damn, what an emotional journey. Victoria L. James delivered a story that put me through the ringer, but in a good way. A Girl Like Lilac begins with Lilac + Toby, who live next to each other. She’s the girl with the magical smile along with a love for […]

M.V.P by Rachel Van Dyken

RATING: BUY IT When you’re young, you have hopes and dreams about the future. You long to find the love of your life, start a family, and grow old together. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always go according to plan, and dreams fall apart. M.V.P. by Rachel Van Dyken is a beautiful, heartbreaking, and emotional story of […]