Naked Love by Jewel E. Ann


naked loveMaybe I need to have my life fall apart to find one of Jewel E. Ann’s book boyfriends. I should just get in my car, leave it all behind and drive to the middle of nowhere, show up at a vegan cafe, and someone like Jake Matthews will be waiting for me. Because holy God, talk about DELICIOUS!!

I love everything about him. His body. The tats. The T-shirt’s. The words out of his hot mouth… yummmmmy!!

“… the art of sex is all about selfish pleasure. You like what I’m doing…”

“I’m doing it because I want to taste you … because I want to hear you whimper … because I want to feel you squirm. That gives me pleasure.”

But all drooling aside, I absolutely adored Naked Love. It’s a story about learning who you really are and what makes you truly happy. About discovering what lies beneath the facade.

A road trip with two people who can barely tolerate each other and a dog (that had me questioning my decision of not having one) sounds like a recipe for disaster, but what ensues was pure perfection.

“Time is magical. It doesn’t erase things, but it gives a different perspective. There’s a shift in magnification. The negative blurs over time, and the good moments—the important ones—they linger and intensify. They become the drug. You want more of those moments, and the risk that held little worth gains value with each passing day.”

Avery + Jake’s banter, chemistry, and journey was captivating. Surprise appearances made my Jewel E. Ann fan heart happy 😍😍!! Such a perfect read!!

“It’s not your life. It’s a moment in time. The only thing defining you at this moment is your decision to throw in the towel or come back fighting.”

As of 3.7.19, Naked Love is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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