Southern Player by Jessica Peterson


southern playerReturning to Charleston in Southern Player from Jessica Peterson was a lot of fun! I loved catching up with old friends and couldn’t wait to see how Luke + Grace’s relationship played out. In fact, the only thing that I found a little odd was that Luke was always referred to as a playboy, yet, he was everything but that when it came to Grace. His past conquests never really came up and, from the time he realized she was available, he was 100% focused on getting her to commit to a relationship with him.

Grace has had her share of heartbreak and is ready for a no-strings relationship. She is all about sex with a guy that she feels safe enough with to explore new things. She wanted Luke to take her to places she’s never gone—but she didn’t expect that he would want so much more from her.

If you are one who loves a steamy read, this is a great story for you. There is a lot of time between the sheets as Luke helps Grace check off her list. You could really see the trust develop between them as they explored new things together.

My favorite thing about this book is how the romance novel that Olivia—from Southern Charmer—wrote is read by Grace + Luke throughout the story. I loved how Max and Jane, the characters from that novel, really helped Luke figure out what he was struggling with. I thought it was worked perfectly into the story.

Southern Player is another good read in this series, and can be read as a standalone.

As of 03.12.19, Southern Player is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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