Maybe Later by Claudia Burgoa


maybe laterClaudia Burgoa’s romantic comedy, Maybe Later, definitely brought nostalgic feelings for the movie You’ve Got Mail to the surface for me! I loved that movie and reading a modern version of it gave me all the same warm feelings the movie did.

Jackson Spearman is an asshat boss. He cares only about himself and doesn’t treat his employees very nicely. When his assistant goes on maternity leave, and he is left with a virtual assistant, we get to see a whole new side of Jackson! From day one, Amy Walker puts Jackson in his place and doesn’t take any of the crap that he dishes out daily. We see this hard man, who doesn’t have time for people, start to take an interest in someone else, and he really connects with her.

The beginning of the book is all chats between these two. The banter is light and witty, and you can see Jackson starting to change in his treatment of Amy and people in general—this spitfire has already begun to change his life and he’s never even spoken to her!

Amy is a strong heroine who really doesn’t do well with being bossed around or talked down to. She knows she’s fabulous at her job and she gives as good as she gets. Although Amy is a little damaged, I loved watching her find herself as she changed the life of her grumbly boss and let herself live a little in the process.

Maybe Later was refreshing and fun, and I loved the lightness of it since so many stories are heavy and emotional. This was a perfect break from those types of stories. It was a really good read.

As of 03.26.19, Maybe Later is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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