Sweet Mercy by Nina West


mercySweet Mercy is the first book I have read by author Nina West, and I absolutely loved it! 

“Stay with me.”

Three words that change the course of Mercy’s life, a life that is falling apart and leaving her feeling hopeless. With her dad being assaulted in prison, she will do anything to protect him. Then, Gabriel Easton offers her a lifeline for her father—if she agrees to stay with him, he’ll make sure her dad is safe while he’s behind bars.

“His name is Gabriel. An angel’s name. Though something tells me there’s nothing angelic about this guy.”

She hates who Gabriel is and what he stands for, but nothing is quite as it seems. With heart-stopping good looks, crazy gorgeous dimples, and a body to die for, saying no isn’t as easy as Mercy thought. Behind his hotness is a man you wanna hate—but I found that to be impossible. I fell for every word that came out of his mouth and the way he was with Mercy. Gah!! I LOVED him!!! 😍😍

“Mercy. My sweet, sweet Mercy. You will be mine.”

I cannot wait for more from Ms. West and the Dirty Empire series. What a fantastic start to the series! Couldn’t put it down!!

As of 4.16.19, Sweet Mercy is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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